Dec. 28th, 2014

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Writing was such an unbelievable struggle for me this year. I felt like I hadn't written anything worth a damn in terms of word counts. So, I really wanted to do this this year to see if it really had been as bad as I thought. And going through, it's easy to see why I thought it was so bad. I had huge swaths of time with no writing at all. But even if it can't compare to my 2010 word count (which was almost 370,000 and I don't think I'll EVER match that again), I did write over 100,000 words this year... and that's not nothing. (I also still have a few days left and a certain Courfeyrangst story to finish for [personal profile] kingess​ and that Courf/Feuilly Annie thing I may try to write, too, so we'll see. ;D)

(ETA: I also just realized that some of those blank months might have had chapters of FYFM or Muet in them. But I don't think they did.)

To absolutely no one's surprise, everything that wasn't written for Yuletide was Les Mis, this year. This is the first time that I've ever been this fandom focused. Even in 2010 when I felt like I was ALL HAIR, ALL THE TIME, I still varied it up more than this. And looking at it... I can't help but wonder if maybe that's part of the problem. Maybe I've become so narrow focused on Les Mis that it's tripping me up.

...or it could have been the stress of returning to school while holding down three jobs and being really sick. That might also have had something to do with it. :-P ANYWAY. Whatever the reason, I seem to have FINALLY overcome my writer's ennui in the past month or two and I am very, very grateful. Whether that was due to the inspiration of the Yuletide multi-fandom experience or the ending of the semester of work and school is anyone's guess. I'm not going to question it, I'm just going to enjoy it. ^_^

Here's the breakdown for anyone who wants to see it: )

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