Dec. 31st, 2015

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So, I've done one of these most years and today's the day. I'm not counting WiPs this year because I honestly just don't have the energy, but here's everything that I published within 2015... and wow. Turns out this was my most pathetic year yet. *sigh*

There were three months (July, September, and October) in which I wrote absolutely nothing, and most other months the best I managed was to write 5K-6K words. That's pathetic for me. It really is. Then again, this semester was a disaster for me in more ways than one. Healthwise... ugh. I've been sick so often, I really wonder wtf my immune system is even DOING. And mentally I've not been anywhere near at my best. School and work are both kicking my ass and I don't see that situation improving any time soon. I've become almost phobic about writing and the fact that I'm getting so little feedback on the things I post is leading me to think that I really am sucking that badly these days. And since just about everything I write feels completely uninspired right now... I'm willing to believe that it's all crap. And that's not helping. *sigh*

I don't know if I just need a break from Les Mis? Or from writing? Or from life? I have no idea. But i do know that on my worst years I still have always cracked 100,000 words worth of writing and this year I didn't even come close. I think in the coming year I'm going to try to actually build time into my schedule for writing and try to get myself back in the habit. Because habit and hard work trump inspiration any day of the week.'s hoping that'll work, anyway. *sigh*

Date Published Fandom Title Words
1/24/2015 Les Miserables A Dream Deferred 10586
2/14/2015 Les Miserables Feels Like Flying 6329
2/20/2015 Les Miserables I Have Come To Sleep With You 2550
3/9/2015 Les Miserables Would You Lie With Me? 4101
3/23/2015 Les Miserables A Very Merry Unbirthday 2685
3/29/2015 Les Miserables Follow You, Follow Me (18) 5179
2/25/15-4/13/15 Les Miserables Muet (7-8) 7092
5/5/2015 Les Miserables It's My Party 4546
6/13/2015 Les Miserables Je me souviendrai  5366
8/9/15-11/1/15 Les Miserables No Man is an Island (1-3) 9140
11/16/2015 Les Miserables I Shall Give You Wings 5393
12/19/2015 Les Miserables Purr-fection is Overrated 3275
12/20/2015 unrevealed Anon YT fic 11229
    Total Words 77471

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