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[I cribbed this straight out of my last Yuletide letter, and this basically exists to give you a little more information about my general likes and dislikes in case you like to have that sort of thing for an exchange, otherwise, feel free to ignore. ^_^]

First and foremost I'd like to offer up a huge "Thank You!!" to you for writing a story for me. I know how difficult it can be to put any part of your creative process into the hands of another individual, so I will treat that trust with the care and respect it deserves by trying not to be too greedy or selfish in my requests.

AO3: eirenical (chibi1723)
tumblr: eirenical

Rating and kink:
Any rating can fly. Really. Any rating. And my general reading preferences tend towards slash or femslash and polyamory. ^_^

If M or E ratings are your writing drinks of choice, that is more than cool with me! ;D I'll try to specify within fandoms if there are any particular kinks I might be interested in for those pairings. (To be on the safe side, if you'd like to include a kink and you aren't sure I'll be OK with it, please ask the mods to contact me and ask. I'm pretty approachable and I really won't mind being spoiled with something like that. If anything, it will only heighten my gleeful anticipation. ^_^)

General likes and dislikes:
I like fluff. I like angst and hurt/comfort (emotional or physical) and sickfic. I like ship-fic. I like plotty fic. I like long fic. I like short fic. I like character studies. I like AUs of the "What if?" variety (i.e. what if character A had made a different decision here; what if character B hadn't died). I like explorations of things beyond canon which still adhere to canon (i.e. continuations, deeper explorations of things only mentioned in passing in canon, expanding on the stories of minor characters, backstory).

I like a whole lot more than that, but in the interest of not writing a 20,000 word letter, here's the punch line to all of this babbling: I'm in fandom for the character development and relationships (romantic and otherwise), so if you keep the story focused on the characters and how they feel and interact, I'll generally be happy with whatever else falls around them.

DNWs (do not wants):
1) I prefer to keep other kinds of AUs (i.e. coffeehouse, high school, gender swaps, etc.) to my larger fandom explorations. For this exchange, I prefer to stay in the realm of actual canon.
2) I have a huge fealty/loyalty kink, and discussions of infidelity/cheating/going behind someone's back/etc., make me very sad and highly uncomfortable. So, if you could avoid that kind of thing, I'd appreciate it.
3) I’m a veterinarian and an animal lover and any talk of animal abuse or animal death makes me really upset. So, if there are any animals in your stories, I’d appreciate it if none of them were hurt or killed, and that they are all treated with care and respect. Thanks!
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