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 Well... it's that time of year, again.  And what a truly pathetic year it's been for writing.  O_o;;;  It was saved from total failure by a few last minute exchange stories I wrote (seriously, those 4 exchange fic were about 2/3 of the writing I did for the year), but that's really all I can say about it.  :P  Then again, I did a LOT of writing for the doctoral program I'm in this year, and my anxiety has been through the roof as a result.

...seriously, I should do a school word count meme.  :P  MAYBE I WILL.  Anyway.  Here it is, in all it's pathetic glory.  *sigh*

Date Published Fandom Title Words
1/10/2016 Les Miserables Muet (8) 2855
3/26/2016 Les Miserables Follow You, Follow Me (19) 4754
9/17/2016 MMPR Watching Your Back 3366
9/29/2016 Les Miserables No Man Is An Island (4) 3741
11/11/2016 PRiS To Match My Worst… And My Best 1629
12/17/2016 Les Miserables Of Tuxedos and Tuition Breaks 17290
12/18/2016 PRiS Milkshakes and Grilled Cheese 1455
12/24/2016 D.E.B.S. Postcards From Barcelona 1758
    Total Words 36848

OK.  I really am that anal.  Here's the stuff I wrote for school:

Date Published Class Title Words
6/12/2016 Qual Article Review 1 5447
6/13/2016 Qual Article Review 2 5445
6/11/2016 Qual Final Paper 7435
2/24/2016 Qual Memo 13 490
5/10/2016 Qual Memo 14 552
5/10/2016 Qual Memo 1 763
5/10/2016 Qual Memo 11 604
3/6/2016 Qual Memo 12 732
5/10/2016 Qual Memo 15 398
5/10/2016 Qual Research Proposal 2120
5/10/2016 Stat II Final Paper 2930
8/1/2016 Stat III Final Paper 2941
5/10/2016 Stat II Research Design 1030
6/17/2016 Lit Review Critical Article Review 2419
8/8/2016   Qualifying Exams 5644
    Total Words 38950

Which is STILL not a whole lot, but it takes a LOT more effort, reading, and research to do this kind of writing than it does.  And this isn't counting the almost 12,000 words of transcription I did.

So, totaling up EVERYTHING... somewhere between 80 and 90K?  Which is still pretty pathetic, but I really did have a lot on my plate this year.  So.  That's not nothing.

Oh well?  Here's to a better writing year next year?  :P

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