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I realize I haven't been around much. At this point, I think it's fair to say that this journal is reserved for Yuletide stuff and for things that I don't want to post in an easily searchable place. This post falls under the latter category, because I know that some stage actors stalk their tumblr tags and I don't want to upset anyone with what boils down to my own opinions. But since people have been asking and this is easier than answering everyone individually...

Here we go.

So, I've been to see Les Mis Broadway twice this week, once to see John Rapson as Javert and once to see Adam Monley. These were also my first viewings since many of the principle cast members were replaced. On Thursday my gut reaction was that I hated all of them with the sole exceptions of Gavin Lee (because, let's face it, I just love Gavin Lee and was predisposed to liking him in anything ^_^) and Chris McCarrell (who I already knew I loved). But that was cast change grief talking, so I resisted the urge to say or post anything on Thursday.

Then I went back last night and I think I have a slightly more objective viewpoint now... so, here it is (in order of appearance):

1) Erika Henningsen as Fantine )

2) The Kids )

3) Gavin Lee as Thenardier )

4) Rachel Izen as Mme. Thenardier )

5) Chris McCarrell as Marius )

6) Brennyn Lark as Eponine )

And last but not least, the one you've all been waiting for...

7) Wallace Smith as Enjolras )

And... that's everyone? I think?

PHEW. That took longer than I expected. Then again, these things always seem to. O_o;;; *coughs* So... I hope you enjoyed it? And there weren't too many awful grammar issues? Because HELL if I'm going back to edit this monster. -.-;;;

Feel free to drop any questions or comments either here on the post or in my tumblr ask box! ^_^

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