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Last year I got caught unawares by sign-ups, so I wrote as much of this ahead of time as I could in the hopes of organizing my thoughts better. Belated apologies to whoever read through the sprawling mess that was my letter last year. O_o;;; I think I've done better this year, but there's still a lot of babble. Sorry about that!

And without any further ado…

Dear Yuletide Author,

First and foremost I'd like to offer up a huge "Thank You!!" to you for writing a story for me. I know how difficult it can be to put any part of your creative process into the hands of another individual, so I will treat that trust with the care and respect it deserves by trying not to be too greedy or selfish in my requests.

AO3: eirenical (chibi1723)
tumblr: eirenical

Notes on rating, kink and general likes/dislikes )

Specific Requests (in no particular order):

You are free to utilize any prompt I toss out there or none of them. If reading what I like about the characters/worlds sparks a fic idea in your head, feel free to ignore the prompts and run with it. ^_^

1. Dark Visions - L. J. Smith -- Gabriel Wolfe, Rob Kessler )

2. Island City (1994) -- Greg 23, Michael Mindy, Connie Sealle, Andy Sealle )

3. Jeremiah (TV) -- Markus Alexander, Jeremiah (Jeremiah), Erin (Jeremiah), Theo Coleridge )

4. Power Rangers Dino Thunder -- Conner McKnight, Derrick (Power Rangers), Eric McKnight )

*deep breath* And I think that's it. Like I said, if any of the details I provided don't work for you, feel free to toss them out the window and write what's most comfortable for you. If you are happy and excited about what you're writing, I'm sure I will love it. Passion comes across and I do not in any way want to dampen yours. ^_^ I certainly won't object if you want to accommodate me in my far-too-verbose additional requests, but as stated many times -- totally not a requirement. ^_^ Go with your gut. The fact that you're writing something for me is plenty enough to have me thrilled and excited and bouncing for joy. ^_^

Thank you, again, and HAPPY YULETIDE! :D
A grateful recipient
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I am done with my Yuletide nominations, finally. O_o;;; I was pretty happy with the idea of Island City, Jeremiah and Dark Visions, but then someone else went and nominated Dark Visions. Which was awesome, because it left me free to nominate something else, but... I choked. O_o;;; I had such trouble picking a third fandom that I almost didn't. But last minute I had a flash of nostalgia and checked out the fic totals for the Mighty Ducks movies and it's WELL under the 1000 fic limit. And dude... Mighty Ducks. *_* And on top of that, apparently less than a week ago, the Ducks HAD A REUNION and Marguerite Moreau did a ton of pictures and posted them all on Instagram. *wobble eyes*

Here's all the pictures:
Averman, Karp, Mendoza and Moreau, Flying V, Mendoza, Germaine, Moreau, Banks, Portman, Gunner Stahl, Goldberg, and last but not least... ConnieandGuy (OMG, I CAN'T, SHE ACTUALLY TAGGED IT THAT WAY. TT^TT)

(ETA: Oh gosh, there are more:
Everyone, Gaffney and Moreau, More ConnieandGuy, More group shots, Karp, Moreau, and I think the director? Seriously though. The gift that just keeps on giving. XD)

*coughs* So, yeah. There's my third nomination. And I feel ~mildly~ bad for not nominating her as a result, but... well. :-P Only four character slots. *sigh*

SO. Final noms go to...

Island City (1994)
Greg 23
Michael Mindy
Connie Sealle
Andy Sealle

Jeremiah (TV)
Markus Alexander
Jeremiah (Jeremiah)
Erin (Jeremiah)
Theo Coleridge

Mighty Ducks (Movies)
Guy Germaine
Adam Banks
Jesse Hall
Charlie Conway

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