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For those of you who were around and offered kind words during my freak out last night, thank you and I’m sorry I didn’t respond. *sigh* Really the whole thing was just so stupid.

Because I didn't want to put this on tumblr, thank you very much. )
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I really do intend to try to keep this up, because I think it's important to me to organize my own thoughts about the things we discuss. Some of them, anyway.

So, there were a couple of things that stuck out to me today:
1) Her inexperience was definitely showing and not of benefit.
2) I'm starting to wonder if therapy can actually help me.

Further thoughts )
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It's official, guys. I'm going to Canada in November! I have my flights and hotel booked and my tickets bought. I will get to hang out with [personal profile] redjacket and my tumblr friend doh-rae-me and see Aaron Walpole AND Ramin Karimloo play Valjean, and Earl Carpenter play Javert, and Melissa O'Neil play Eponine and Jonathan Winsby play Courfeyrac and I AM JUST SO EXCITED, OK? XD

Also, work has been keeping me hopping... a lot. Which is both good and not good. 6 day, 50-60 hour weeks do NOT sit right with me. At all. I've been running myself into the ground and I'm exhausted. So, I decided to resign from my Saturday morning job. I will not miss it and I am super glad to have finally reclaimed my weekend. ^_^ And the permanent sub job I picked up at a prestigious private school is a way better choice for classroom experience. ;) Also, my boss at the university has asked me to teach two sections of the class I teach next semester instead of one. Which is awesome and comes with more than twice the salary and some side-benefits like vision and dental, but I'm starting to feel like she's looking at me like a cow from whom she's getting free milk. *sigh* I WANT THAT FULL-TIME FACULTY POSITION, DAMN IT. :-P But, in the meantime, this is a step in the right direction, so I guess we'll just have to see.

Anyway, after all this running myself into the ground I've been doing, my friend C invited me to come see a show with her last night. On the one hand, I was exhausted and didn't want to be bothered going anywhere. On the other hand, we hadn't hung out in a while and I haven't been seeing many shows lately and I wanted to go.

So, I went. Thoughts on what we saw (Romeo and Juliet) below the cut. )

There are some good things going on and some people I would highly recommend in their parts, but I'll be the last one to insist you should see Romeo and Juliet. ^_~

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