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I do most of my fandom blogging and fic posting over on tumblr these days, so feel free to come find me there. I do still post personal things and fic exchange related things over here, though, so if you'd like to friend me here, that's fine, too. ^_^
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So, buried in the bowels of last night's obsessive posting was this little fact: I wrote Hair porn last night. Like... 3,537 words of Hair porn. All feverishly in one sitting like I always used to write Hair fics. O_O I mention this for two reasons:
1) I'm kind of in love with this story, like... embarrassingly in love with it. And it probably actually sucks. *sweatdrop* Sort of like how you feel for that bratty child that you should probably hate for all the trouble he/she causes you, but secretly just adore. Still, it's the first thing I've written in a while that I'm actually proud of, especially the fact that it wrote itself so easily... no struggle. Not to mention that I'm happy to have my Hair muse back... deliriously happy.
2) Which bring me to my other problem... this fic has two irritating quirks that I can not quite iron out... and it's giving me agita.

What are they? I'm glad you asked... ;)

First... I feel I have overused the word "desperate" in this story. It's appropriate in each instance that I've used it and no other word I can think of is quite right. I've cut the use of an adjective entirely in the places I can to cut down on the problem spots, but still...

(Huh... having done a search through the document, it seems that there are 8 uses of variations of the word "desperate." That's... not really so bad, is it? Maybe... maybe I'm just being obsessive and should leave it alone... O_o;;;)

Second... Thanks to the tour, I have a new, unexpected quandary. I wrote this fic using the descriptions of everyone that I've always used -- based off the OBRC, because my head!canon Claude will always look like Gavin, my head!canon Woof will always look like Bryce Ryness, and my Sheila like Caissie Levy... but it was Steel and Paris who inspired me to write this. So, it's totally stupid, but I almost feel like I cheated their versions of Claude and Berger out of something by not using their physical descriptions. Is that totally insane or does that make sense? *frets* Damn it. I hate when I overthink this sort of shit. *grumps*

I mean, Caren and Caissie's portrayals of Sheila and Bryce and Matt's portrayals of Woof are so very different that, depending on how the characters are acting in the story, I could totally pick a description and have it fit whichever actor's portrayal was most appropriate (almost always Caissie and Bryce, but that's partly defaulting)... but Steel and Paris' Berger and Claude are different. The more I see them, the more I'm falling in love with how they interact and I find that pulling into my head!canon for fic purposes. So... if I'm drawing off of them for inspiration, I feel like I should at least give the characters the appropriate physical descriptions... but I do not want to give up my head!canon Claude and Berger! *kick, scream, whinewhinewhine*

THIS IS FAR MORE THOUGHT THAN THIS PROBLEM SHOULD REQUIRE. *falls over* Anyone want to help me out and just tell me I'm being stupid? *sweatdrop*
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*clears throat* So... I've been doing a lot of thinking lately. I've been out of work now for about 16 months and my life is wildly different from what it was when I first went out on disability. I no longer have my own apartment. I have a gorgeous niece whom I adore. I'm back in school to pursue a new career. I have lost almost 70 pounds. I have made new friends.

And it all started because of Hair.

Don't run away! Hear me out. I promise, this is not more Hair babble. Not really, anyway. ^_^ *coughs* As a compromise, I'll place the self-realization babble behind a cut. Fair? ) What it all boils down to (for those of you who skipped the cut ^_~) is this: All of my big talk about getting involved for the last year+... it was all just lip service. I hadn't really done anything. Just sat at my computer and signed petitions. I'd stifled my own voice because I was afraid to use it alone. Enter Hair again. Gavin Creel (the Broadway Revival's first Claude), recently reminded us all that AIDS Walk New York is happening soon and this year, Broadway Impact is going to have a team. I watched him starting to raise money and boggled at how quickly people jumped on board to help. Then again... he really is that awesome. ^_~ I checked out AWNY's page and looked at the route map. I realized that it couldn't be more than 5 or 6 miles. I could do that. It wasn't so much, really. It was almost too easy.

I could do that. I can do that. And if I only raised $25 from my own mother... well, that's $25 going to a damned good cause. So, I signed up. To get involved. To help in whatever small way that I can. To do something to help someone else. To take the next step in creating my own happiness.

To use my voice.

To change the world.

So, I'm going to take a chance. I set an extremely modest fundraising goal for myself and I'd like to blast it the hell out of the water. So, I'm reaching out to all the social networks that I frequent and even risking a connect between LJ and real life to do it. If you think you can help out, even if it's only $5 or $1... please let me know. I'll send you a message with a link to the donation page. I'll put that faith out there in you not to abuse it.

And as an added incentive, I'm even willing to offer a reciprocal gift of sorts. How about we'll call it... a short fanfic of your choosing in any fandom for which I have written or am currently writing? Hell, I'll even consider revisiting Sailor Moon for a cause this worthy. ^_^ Not sure I write in a fandom? Ask. I may even be willing to consider a new one for this. ;) To be gifted to whoever among my LJ crowd donates the most money (...or any money, if I want to be realistic ^_~) towards my goal.

Sound like something you might be interested in? Let me know. We'll talk. ^_^

Thanks for listening.


Mar. 14th, 2011 10:52 pm
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Dude, I almost missed wishing you all a...

Happy Pi Day!!

...but at least I remembered to bring in marshmallow pies for everyone in my calculus class. ^_^ They were appreciative. Very appreciative. Especially my professor, who didn't know that Americans had marshmallow pies. Apparently where she's from (Korea), they're called "choco pies" and are one of her favorites. Epic win for me! ;D (Not that I need to butter up this prof. She treats me more like a co-worker she really likes than a student. ^_^ #yesI'makissup #what'syourpoint?)

In other news... apparently everyone in the world is on Weight Watchers these days and getting less and less shy about saying so. *chuckles* (You're welcome, my other prof, for telling you how many new points the marshmallow pie was worth, then commiserating about the fuckery that is the new points system. XD)

Now, I'm exhausted. Going to bed.

'Night all!
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From Broadway.com's article, http://www.broadway.com/shows/priscilla-queen-desert/buzz/155262/priscillas-will-swenson-has-his-eyes-on-sweetheart-audra-mcdonald-this-valentines-day/...

WILL SWENSON (Tick/Mitzi in Priscilla Queen of the Desert)

What Broadway show tune makes you swoon and why?
"Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer" from Cats. Hottest. Cats. Ever.

*dies laughing* You have no idea how much I enjoy that he can never seem to answer these things except with his tongue firmly planted in his cheek. XD

What are the ingredients for a perfect Valentine’s Day?
I don't know. But I think it involves a dash of paprika.

*snickers* And a dash of cumin, too, I think.

What character from any Broadway show could you fall in love with and why?
Anything played by the beautiful and talented Audra McDonald. What would it be like to gaze into those eyes and see love staring back at me? Oh, wait....

Aw... just... Aw! *_* Oh, Will. *chuckles* I bet you said this with a straight face, too. ^_^ Audra is one lucky girl, that is for sure. ^_^

And in weight loss news... I'm down another 1.8! *cheers* That puts me at 65.4 lbs. total loss. That means that I am less than 10 pounds away from the top of my healthy weight range. O_O;;; That means I set my "final goal" in my plan manager today. I'm... I'm actually kind of scaried about that. O_o;;; As my sister once said... "I know how to lose weight. I've been doing it for a year now. But maintaining weight loss? That's new... and scary." At the time I thought she was nuts. Now... I get it. I totally get it. O_O;;;

And dude... my orthopedist totally noticed I'd lost weight. I think he was more psyched about it than I even am. He couldn't stop telling me how great I looked. There is nothing better than having a gorgeous, successful guy tell you you look fantastic... over... and over... and over again. ;D Now if only I wasn't 80% sure he was gay... ;)



Oh... you're still here? What's that? You were waiting for my traditional yearly Valentine's Day rant? You know what? I'm too tired. And today was too damned gorgeous (60 degrees? Hell, yeah!!) to muck it up with ranting. So... no ranting for you. Not this year. ^_~ Savor this moment. Spread the love.

And Happy Birthday, Rusty... wherever you are. And since it's technically February 15th, now... Happy Birthday to you, too, Grandma. I miss you both.

*hugs and knishes*

☮ ♥ ♬♪ ^_^
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I'm constantly amazed when I'm full to bursting after eating an amount of food that I used to consider an appropriate size for an appetizer for a much larger meal. In the good way, of course. I guess it's true that as you start eating less your stomach shrinks and you want to eat less. *chuckles*

Tonight's realization?

At Ruby Tuesday's, I used to be able to eat a full plate at the salad bar, mozzarella sticks, the crabcake dinner (crabcake, mashed potatoes, broccoli), go back for dessert at the salad bar... and go home and look for more to eat. Tonight I went to Ruby Tuesday's, had my crabcake dinner (and only my crabcake dinner), turned down the new garlic cheese biscuits (Ruby Tuesday's answer to Red Lobster's cheddar bay biscuits, I think)... and almost couldn't finish my dinner because I was full by 2/3 of the way through. I finished it anyway -- because dude... delicious -- but still... I was really full and half regretted that I did it. And you have no idea how shocked I was about it.

Because, dude. That's just weird. When did I become that girl?

In other news... been reading a lot of Power Rangers Dino Thunder fanfiction. Which reminds me... I never finished that one I started writing.

Damn it. I sense another round of fic ADD coming on. O_o;;; Shoot.
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As many of you know, I have gone back to school to get my Masters in education. Why is this important? I'll tell you. ^_^

And for those of you who really don't care... a cut tag. )

Also, in the middle of all this going down, my mother finally found her old wooden peace sign that she used to wear in the 60s. She's been looking for it for me since... oh... February of last year? And she just randomly found it in her desk while she was looking for my credit card number so that I could call and cancel it. *_* And dude... it's gorgeous. Pictures to follow. ^_^

Really? My life never goes this well. Ever. I guess I've hit one of those synchronicity moments they talk about where everything just... goes right. ^_^ Well, let me tell you, universe... I was feelin' the love today and I thank you. Here's to more synchronous moments to come. ^_^

Warm weather.
The beach.
A reaffirmation of my faith in humanity.
My mother's peace sign.
Who could ask for anything more? ^_~

☮ ♥ ♬♪ ^_^

Edit (11:11 PM) -- Have the promised pictures of the hat and the peace sign. ^_^

Enjoy! I know I will. ^-^ )

School blab

Feb. 2nd, 2011 10:55 pm
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Oh dear lord. O_O *snickers* I've developed a bit of a reputation among my classmates in my graduate program, even the ones that don't know me all that well. Just found out tonight. What kind of a rep, you ask?

I'll tell you. ^_~

You remember the kid in class who always got straight 'A's?
You remember how even when she messed up the curve or made everyone else look like they hadn't done diddly-squat, you still couldn't hate her because she was just kind of sweet and helpful and you wanted her to do well?
You remember how you always went to her to ask questions about assignments because she usually knew the answers even when she was sure she didn't?
You remember how you used her as a guide for what was considered "enough" work (i.e. -- if even she didn't do it, there was no way in hell the teacher would expect everyone else to do it)?
And do you remember how you always wanted to find out when she was giving her presentation so you could give yours as far distant from it as possible so you wouldn't be compared and found lacking?

Yeah... apparently, I'm that girl. Or at least my classmates think so.


I've missed being that girl. It's been too damned long since I felt smart.


I think I may write, tonight. *^_^*
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In other random news... I'm contemplating ditching my website. I'm just not sure the expense is paying off anymore. In fact, I think I may be the only person who actually reads my fanfiction on my website. O_o;;; Of course, the downside is, if I give up my website, I also have to let hairfanfiction.net go. :( Unfortunately, until I have more income, I'm just not sure I can afford to maintain even one, much less both. *sigh* Thoughts anyone?

*eyes tumbleweeds as they go rolling past*

Yeah... that's what I thought. *ponders*
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Really. At this rate, I'm already not up to the amount of shoveling I'm going to have to do. And it's bloody cold upstairs at my Uncle's house. O_O;;; On the upside, I have a sweet potato happily becoming sweet potato fries in my toaster over, three brand new boxes of chai (one of which is apple cinnamon), plenty of warm fuzzy blankets and a kitty cat to snuggle with. That can't be all bad, right? ^_^

Now if only my cat would stop being a lunatic long enough to actually snuggle with me... it'll be all good. ^_^

In the meantime, since it looks like I'm going to be snowed in for a decent portion of the week (or at least the early half of the week), I'm actually contemplating plugafiocnqm9 aefhpimh--

*sweatdrop* Thank you for the input, Gabriel. Really. *chuckles* Well, at least now I'm warmer, even if it is harder to type. ^_~

As I was saying, I'm actually contemplating plugging my PS2 back in and playing. I haven't done that since I moved back in July. *ponderponder* Of course... now I do have snuggly, purring kitty in my lap, making moving much less appealing. This requires thought.

In the meantime, Merry Belated Christmas to all of you who celebrated! *hugs* Stay warm!
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My last paper is done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

^_^ Finals went very well and were, in fact, frighteningly easy. I was kind of excited by that. ^_^ Anyway, I handed in my one paper on Wednesday and the professor finally confirmed that she received it late last night (it somehow ended up in her spam folder O_o;;;) and I just shipped off the last one. I must say... I'm actually rather proud of this 25 page brute of a paper of mine. ^_^ Gender Identity Disorder is a fascinating subject and one which needs to be better understood. I think I did a pretty decent job of exploring it, but that's my wholly biased opinion. ^_^

*coughs* Anyhoo, that last paper puts a nail in the coffin of the semester. Now it's all over but getting the grades. ^_^

And in celebration, tomorrow I get to go into the city with [livejournal.com profile] zoicite to run around and look at all the pretty Christmas things, stare at all the lovely items in stores that I can't even come close to affording (except maybe a hat... I kind of think I need a winter hat O_O), eat dinner at my favorite French restaurant, Le Rivage (thank again, Mom!), and see a show. What show? Erm... I have no idea. ^_^ TKTS, baby. Whatever's available and cheapest. ^_^ I will also be attempting to teach my dear friend the layout of Penn Station. That... should be interesting. ^_^ Much fun to be had by all!!

In other news, I finally got my disability insurance guy the information that he claims he never received (in spite of fax confirmations to the contrary and the fact that when I pointed that out he "found" it in my file two seconds later). I swear... for the amount of this guy's work that I do, they should pay me a retainer in addition to my monthly check. :-P So, I should have a nice three-month backpay check in the mail as we speak. Also moving along on the other disability company that owes me money and when that gets in place, I should have about 6-9 months worth of backpay coming to me. In other words, I will soon be able to breathe a little more deeply again. I can't wait. I don't like financial stress. It kind of sucks.

Also, about the winter hat thing... OK, so weight loss is great. It's fantastic. I'm really glad that it's progressing so well. There's just one... little... thing. I'm freaking cold. All. The. Time. What the hell is that about? I don't get cold!!! *whimper* I'm a polar bear. My nickname has been "Nanook of the Frozen North" for as long as I can remember. Winter was kind of my favorite time of the year because it was the one time of the year that I wasn't hot. Now, I step out of my house, whimper, and immediately think... "Fuck, I wish it was summer." Seriously? WTF is that?? I sincerely hope my body readjusts before January/February when it gets really cold. 'Cuz, dude... massive suckage otherwise. ^_^ Although, I have to admit that it was really adorable when I complained of my head/ears/neck being cold outside and my mom pulled out my favorite hat (with pom-pom, ear-flaps, and chin ties, no less) from when I was a kid. The scary thing... it actually didn't look too bad on me. If it had been a little bigger... I might have even worn it tomorrow. ;D

Edit: (10:18 PM) And then to top it all off... there was home-made oatmeal apple crisp and milk. *_* Yummmm...


Dec. 12th, 2010 03:28 am
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Caught up on a bunch of episodes of Glee today instead of doing anything productive. Loving Kurt more and more even though he made me cry in like... three episodes in a row.

Put off writing three papers -- all due Tuesday -- knowing I'm going to be stressed as hell about this in another 24-48 hours.

Also unintentionally spaced on posting last chapter of reallylongfic and now I'm not sure if I'll get to it before Tuesday. Damn it. I'll try for tomorrow.

Mom made split pea soup which is always my most favorite.

Had a fantastic winter concert at which I totally blew out what little voice I had left after the cold was done with it.

Yet somehow, in spite of all the good today, I'm kind of feeling lonely and worthless.

Maybe it's because a former client from my vet practice saw me at the concert and came over to say hello. Maybe it was because she was so clearly sad that I hadn't been at the vet hospital in so long. Maybe it was because she thought I was wonderful and she missed my being there... and I felt like a total ass because I didn't remember who she was. Maybe it's because instead of then thinking, "Gosh, that's sweet," all I could think was, "Where the hell were you people that love me so much when the few vocal clients that didn't were busy ripping me to shreds to my boss?" Maybe that made me feel like an even bigger asshole. Maybe the whole conversation was like a kick in the gut for making me once again feel pain over the loss of something that I thought I'd accepted.

Maybe it's just because after doing nothing more physically taxing that standing for a few hours, I was in more pain than I'd been since I originally hurt my back a year ago.


Suddenly I feel like screaming.


Don't mind me. I'm sure I'll feel better tomorrow.
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...I want to post the next chapter, but I think my niece got me sick (the week of my winter concert, too! :-P) and I'm just too damned tired. :( Maybe tomorrow. Or Thursday. Thursday sounds good. *falls over*
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Banged out another 500 words or so before chorus and there seems to be an awful lot happening in this scene that I didn't plan for. I'm not sure I like it all happening now. *sigh* Ah well. I'll look at it again later and see what I think then. :-P

Edit (12:49 AM): OMG, I totally planned to write more... yeah. That really didn't happen. O_O Too damned sleepy. :-P But [livejournal.com profile] zoicite wrote another new fic, so I read that instead. ^_^ And in a fit of insanity, I sort of half volunteered to take over as one of the mods for [livejournal.com profile] 15_minute_fic. Because I'm nuts. O_O;;;

Total word count for today:

36655 / 50000 words. 73% done!

36655 / 59337 words. 62% done!
Hmm... 11 words behind......or 9,349 words (5 1/2 days) behind.

(Does it amuse anyone else that my word count for today looks like the number of days in a year... stuttered? XD Yeah, math geek. XD)

Considering that NaNo ends in 8 days, I think a full NaNo has officially become an impossible task. But, no worries. With my luck (and my muse's tricky nature), I'll randomly churn out 10,000 words on the last day and make it. ^_^ And if not... *shrugs* ...40,000 words in one month still is nothing to sneeze at, especially considering that I will have also written a few thousand words of another fanfic, a 20 minute Powerpoint presentation and a 20 page paper. *pleased smile* Kind of sounds impressive when you stack it up that way, doesn't it? ^_~
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So... sometimes Twitter kind of sucks. I mean, other than all the obvious ways. It allows you to feel just close enough and just involved enough in another person's life that you occasionally feel their pain as if you have a right to, even if you aren't even passing acquaintances in real life.

Josh Lamon and James Reichel broke up. Things were all ooey-gooey sweet two days ago and they were planning Thanksgiving together.

And then yesterday we get this:
JRyanReichel James Ryan Reichel
Taking a break from Twitter as I put the pieces back together. Love you all so much.
21 hours ago

And then today we get this:
JoshLamon josh lamon
Not gonna lie. Difficult times at the moment. But a surprise visit from @vrayskull did make me smile. #littlethingscount
5 hours ago

And this:
JRyanReichel James Ryan Reichel
To address the 100's of tweets: Yes, Josh and I broke up. Yes, I am okay. No, I am not suicidal. Life goes on and already is. Love you all.
3 hours ago

I damn near cried.

I don't know James Reichel except from following him on Twitter. I don't know Josh Lamon except for meeting him once or twice through Hair and knowing that I made him happy once that I was writing a paper on a topic he felt was important. I know nothing about them as a couple beyond the unbelievably sweet Tweets they sent back and forth to each other on a near constant basis.

And yet I still almost cried when I found out they broke up. I don't know what happened and I doubt I ever will. I don't even feel right about wanting to offer sympathy because who needs that from some random girl you don't know when your heart is already sore? Who needs salt rubbed in that wound?

But still... I'm actually a little upset. And I feel stupid about it. And I wish I could give them both giant hugs or at least a sympathy Tweet.

...and I dread Broadway secrets this week. *sigh* I'm starting to hate that comm.

Bleh. Now I'll never get back on track with my fic. Stupid Twitter.
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So, I realized today that I have uber-failed at keeping the contents of my Inbox sorted. That means that I had over 650 messages in my Inbox. O_O Yoiks. So, I just spent about two hours sorting and replying to e-mails... and only got through about 150. That leaves almost 500 more to go. O_O Dear G-d, why did I do this to myself? :-P

Cut for me blathering about my current irritation with WW... )

In other news... yeah, this means that I totally haven't been ficcing. *twitch* I think I'll type up what I've written on that Alice fic (since I might actually have the attention span to do that :P) and split the NaNo wordcount between the two fics if necessary. Hey, writing is writing, right? ^_~
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So... I just realized that I totally can't use my Twitter account to @reply to anyone who's an actor in Hair. There's an off-chance that that Twitter name could lead someone back to my e-mail account which, in turn, could lead someone to fanfiction I've written. Thus the "Aw, crap."

So... since I found out that I can in fact change my Twitter username, I think I will just do that. But what to change it to...? I sorta suck at picking usernames for myself. Thoughts, anyone? Anyone?



*tumbleweed rolls by*
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So... no more writing today. No writing at all. Every time I sat down to try, nothing happened. I took that as an indication that my mind needed a break. No big deal. Just means I don't have a word count to report and quite possibly I took a wrong plot turn. Again, no big deal, I usually figure it out on re-read.

Coincidentally, it's also Veterans' Day... or it was 23 minutes ago. For anyone who has the stomach -- even for those of you who don't -- HBO is showing a Documentary (it's showing at least a few more times tonight and they'll probably rerun it throughout the week) called "Wartorn 1861-2010." It's a documentary all about PTSD. It is a powerful, very well done documentary and I cried my way through half of it. During the second half I actually had to start doing something else while I watched it because I was getting overwhelmed. I DVRed it, I'll go back and watch the second half again later. Maybe when it won't give me nightmares.

Those of you who know me know that I am not a fan of engaging in wars, especially unnecessary ones. I am not a fan of beefing up the military and then drumming up "business" to explain it. That does not mean that I am not a fan of the men and women who fight for our country. My grandfather fought. My uncle fought. My father fought. Hell, my father fought in three armies -- puzzle that one out if you can. I have a great deal of admiration and respect for them and all the other brave service men and women like them. I salute them, I'm grateful for them and I hope they all come home soon and not as much the worse for wear as those in HBO's documentary.

"Happy" Veterans' Day.

Obligatory NaNo comment:
Yeah... sorry, Claude. That means your trauma from the last scene is going to get a revisit. I let you off the hook way to easily on that one.
Claude: Fuck!
R-chan: *sheepish grin* ...sorry?
Claude: *bangs head against the wall*
R-chan: O_O


Nov. 7th, 2010 03:55 pm
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Well, that's interesting. Apparently... Well. Apparently, the sequel to the Algea is a holiday fic. O_O I... I didn't realize that when I started writing it. *snerts* I've always wanted to write a holiday fic for the holidays... but I can never manage to get it done before Thanksgiving for posting in December. Go NaNo for inspiring me to finally do it! Two writing aspirations with one stone. ^_^

20,803 and still going strong for the day. And in another 203 words, I will officially be caught up and on track again. *snorts* And at the rate this is going, what are the odds that I'll stop at 203? *laughs* Yeah, I didn't think so either.

*idly notes* You know... it's rather hard to type when a kitty butt miraculously sprouts in your face.


Edit: 4:29 PM... I love my father. I absolutely love him. Deep in the holiday spirit and enjoying the autumn chill, I came over early for dinner with a purpose. And my father let me bully him into making a fire in the fireplace with hardly any effort at all. First fire of the season. *_* Bliss. Now I'm torn between sitting here and staring absently into the flames and actually doing some writing... *chuckles* Decisions, decisions. ^_^

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