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Writing was such an unbelievable struggle for me this year. I felt like I hadn't written anything worth a damn in terms of word counts. So, I really wanted to do this this year to see if it really had been as bad as I thought. And going through, it's easy to see why I thought it was so bad. I had huge swaths of time with no writing at all. But even if it can't compare to my 2010 word count (which was almost 370,000 and I don't think I'll EVER match that again), I did write over 100,000 words this year... and that's not nothing. (I also still have a few days left and a certain Courfeyrangst story to finish for [personal profile] kingess​ and that Courf/Feuilly Annie thing I may try to write, too, so we'll see. ;D)

(ETA: I also just realized that some of those blank months might have had chapters of FYFM or Muet in them. But I don't think they did.)

To absolutely no one's surprise, everything that wasn't written for Yuletide was Les Mis, this year. This is the first time that I've ever been this fandom focused. Even in 2010 when I felt like I was ALL HAIR, ALL THE TIME, I still varied it up more than this. And looking at it... I can't help but wonder if maybe that's part of the problem. Maybe I've become so narrow focused on Les Mis that it's tripping me up.

...or it could have been the stress of returning to school while holding down three jobs and being really sick. That might also have had something to do with it. :-P ANYWAY. Whatever the reason, I seem to have FINALLY overcome my writer's ennui in the past month or two and I am very, very grateful. Whether that was due to the inspiration of the Yuletide multi-fandom experience or the ending of the semester of work and school is anyone's guess. I'm not going to question it, I'm just going to enjoy it. ^_^

Here's the breakdown for anyone who wants to see it: )
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Well, here we are, again. Another year passed. It seems like I just did this for 2010 yesterday. O_o;;; I have too much going on this morning to really delve into detail about the past year, but I worked my ass off organizing this last night and I'd like get it posted.

A few little notes:
1) The four fics at the end listed as "to be revealed" are the four I wrote for Yuletide. Author reveal is in like... 30 minute, but I can't wait that long. I have to be out the door by then. So... yeah.

2) I was nowhere near as prolific this year as I was last year. I think part of that was burn-out from NaNoWriMo the year before and part was that I was just so damned busy. :-P Still, a respectable total word count: nearly 180,000 words. Not too shabby. ;)

3) Fandom spread this year was also more even. Hair beat out everyone else again for the most written for fandom, but not by nearly as much as last year. Newsies (musical) came in second, Book of Mormon third and Fushigi Yuugi fourth.

4) This year also marked a major writing milestone for me...

I wrote smut.

With a vengeance.

(NC-17 stories will be starred in case you want to avoid them.)

O_O Yes, you read that right. After years beyond count resisting, I have finally caved. As promised, Nuriko and Tasuki had the honor of being the first. Claude and Berger followed after them fairly quickly. Elder McKinley and Lucifer (Don't. Ask. Seriously. I still don't know what happened there. O_o;;;) were next, then Claude and Berger (again), then Connor and Eric (My fandom has twins. *_* ^_~), then... heh. Then, I wrote het smut. *sweatdrop* Yeah. I don't know, either. -.-;;;

5) Second major writing milestone was this: I participated in two fic exchanges this year -- the Power Rangers femslash ficathon and.... YULETIDE. OMG, I had so much fun. *_* Seriously. Read my love letter to Yuletide. If you can handle all the tail wagging, that is. ;)

Anyway, I have plenty of fic plans for the coming year. I promised smutty ending to the Book of Mormon and Newsies boys. I need to get back to cracking on the third Algea fic. I have plans/starts for several other Hair fics (and I'm seeing it twice next week in Philly, so muse... get ready for a jolt ^_~). Yuletide opened up a few new fandoms to me that I hadn't considered (or more accurately, had forgotten I was considering), and whetted my appetite for more. I also have a few fics in my notebook that weren't included in the year end meme because I don't have counts on them, but they're short, little things. Only a few small handwritten pages, so... eh. Probably bumps the word count over 180,000, though... eh. Maybe I'll type 'em up and count 'em later. ;)

Aside from that, I'm still mourning the loss of my crashed hard drive and now that I'm slightly more financially secure, I can consider getting that recovered. *cheers* But I seem to have done OK without it, regardless, wouldn't you say? ^_^

And now... what you all came here for. )

Oh, one last thing I forgot. I'm driving to PA today, but I will get my four Yuletide fics shifted over to LJ when I can. If you want to know what they are before I move them, you can find them on the AO3 (link is on the right). Author reveal should happen in another 10 minutes and you can find them, then. ;)



Apr. 15th, 2011 02:29 am
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Short post, too tired.

I wrote 2178 words of fanfic (in a fic notebook while working at the math tutoring center, no less) today that will eventually be FY porn, if you two will shut the hell up and start with the sex, already! That's just over 3300 words altogether... with no sex. Good grief.

Nuriko: O_O Dude... we're getting there.

Tasuki: I can almost taste it!

R-chan: *grumbles* Well, you're not getting there fast enough. Pay attention.

:-P Now, exhausted. Going to bed.

(And what sucks the most? In spite of how well this fic is going and that I'm mainly writing it so I can write it for Claude and Berger... I'd rather have been writing Hair fic, today. That second Algea sequel is just begging to get started. *eg*)

Claude: No, it is not! Leave me the hell alone, already!

Berger: *grabs at Claude* Would you calm down? She all but promised us sex in this story!

Claude: O_O;;; What??

Berger: *twitch* Weren't you listening? She all but promised us sex. We want her to write this one. Pay attention!

Claude: Seriously, man... I don't know. As much as I love you... I'm not sure sex is worth another of those whumpfests.

Berger: *rae* Whumpfest?

Claude: *scowls* Well, what would you call them?

Berger: *snorts* I don't know man, but probably not that.

Claude: *throws hands in the air* You know what? Now I'm exhausted.

R-chan: -.-zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...

Claude: Yeah. Exactly. *wanders off*
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You've all heard me squealing and blushing for years at the very thought of writing sex. Well... I've become aware (thanks to all my Hair stories) that I'd like to get over that. The problem is two-fold:

1) I have no practical experience. I am not a gay man, nor am I ever likely to be one. Therefore, everything I know about gay sex I've gleaned from other first or (more likely) second-hand accounts. That makes me extremely uncomfortable. I don't like feeling under-knowledged about a subject for which I intend to write.

2) I promised Nuriko a loooooooong time ago that out of love for him, he and Tasuki would get my first lemon. Then I realized that it would have to happen towards the end of OB (if not as an epilogue O_o) and my rewrite on that SOB has seriously stymied my efforts.

...Which, as it turns out, has been a really convenient excuse.

Cut for babbling about erectile writing dysfunction and THE HAIR TOUR!! )

Nuriko: O. M. G--.

Tasuki: Did... did I really just read that right?

Nuriko: *nodnod* *wobble eyes* *glomps the fic author*

R-chan: *blush* *bluuuuuuush* *BLUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUSH* *little voice* I'll try, OK? That's all I'm promising.

Nuriko: I don't care. I'll take it!

R-chan: *twitch* Fine. Then help a girl out! Stop talking at each other and start sexing each other up, already!

Nuriko: *twitch* I'm trying!

Tasuki: *sweatdrop* Um... yeah. This one's my bad. I'll work on it.

Nuriko/R-chan: *sweatrain*

Edit: And... 2 1/2 hours later, I still have no paper, I have almost 2000 words of FY fic... and still no sex. O_o;;; At least I've gotten them through the talking and they seem to be ready to get down to business. Now if only I wasn't too bloody exhausted to type. Neeeeeeed sleeeeeeep. *thud*
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I have 2266 words of Priscilla fanfic and still going strong. This feels like a one-shot with potential, but I don't have an entirely clear read on it yet. Here's hoping. ^_^

And what's this I see...? Hints of Bernadette/Tick...? *twitch* EH......???? -.-;;;
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Yep. This is solely for word counts. ^_^ Enjoy?

Starting word count for Chapter 5 -- 8,694
Last word count (1/26/11) -- new: 2,564; total: 10,117

10:28 PM

3641 / 10625 words. 34% done!


Feb. 9th, 2011 02:03 am
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I now have 2177 words of new Hair fic. And I'm barely past the intro scenes. Why do I sense the start of a monster? This was just supposed to be harmless (and possibly hot and sexy) fluff! *twitch* Nothing is ever simple...

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*eyes icon* No, Setsuka. Just... no. I really won't. Why? Because I live on Long Island and we've gotten more snow so far this season than freaking Anchorage, Alaska. That is not right. O_O It's Alaska. We're... not. *twitch*

Anyone who doesn't want to listen to me babble about general life, TV shows, ficcage and Hair (again)... flee now. ^_^ )

Final bit of random other news: I am one of the new mods for [livejournal.com profile] 15_minute_fic, successor to the now defunct, [livejournal.com profile] 15minuteficlets. Long story. ^_^ Anyway, the point of the comm is that every week a word is posted under a cut tag. Once you look at the word, you have 15 minutes to write... whatever. ^_^ It's kind of a fun way to get your writing juices flowing when you're a little stuck. Head on over and check it out! We could use some fresh meat. ;D

I think I'm gonna go toddle off and do some writing or something. ^_^ *waves* Later!

Starting word count for OB part 5 rewrite: 8,694

2564 / 10117 words. 25% done!
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*deep breath* OK, everyone. As I've slowly been posting all of my older fics to the new fanfic community ([livejournal.com profile] rchan_fic), it has occurred to me that it's been a while since I worked on OB. And I've been feeling a mite nostalgic this week...

So, here we go. ^_^ Initial starting word count on Part 5 is 8,694.

Away we go!
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*deep breath* OK. Everyone's doing it, so I thought I would do it, too. ^_^ Especially as this is the first year that I've had an impressive enough word count to make it worth while.

And there are links to all the fics listed on the word count chart for anyone interested in rereading anything. ^_^ You know. Just to make it easier. Links to WIPs that have fic snippets are also available. ^_^

Obsessive word count table behind the cut )

tl;dr -- The upshot? I have written over 380,000 words this year. O_O Can you believe that? I can't. I have never been that prolific in a year -- not even during my Sailor Moon days. Scary thing? Over 260,000 of those words were Hair fanfic. *chuckles* Are you amused? I'm amused. ^_^ I've averaged about 30,000 words a month. This all makes me very proud. ^_^

On another note, [livejournal.com profile] miss_warina, I think you've got a good idea. I think I'm going to let my websites go for the year and make an lj community for my fics. Eh, we'll see. I'm still thinking about it. *sigh* Nothing's ever simple. :-P

Finally, I'd just like to say that 2010 has been... well... interesting. On the one hand, it has been the toughest, most depressing year I've had in a long time... but ironically, it's also been one of the most awesome. I'll be sorry to see it go. ^_^ Here's hoping that 2011 will be just as good (if not better), with a lot less of the scary, awkward crap on top. ^_^ Happy and Healthy New Year, everyone! May yours be filled with Peace, Love and Harmony. ^_^

☮ ♥ ♬♪
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OK, Official HAIR Broadway is doing a fantastic job of finding all the good articles lately. ^_^ Can you blame me for wanting to share? Especially when reading this one inspired me to write for the first time in a week? ;)

The surprising dark side of 'Hair' | Washington Times Communities

Also, I'm testing something new here as a kindness. Thanks to a friend losing a really long comment thanks to an untimely link-click, I'm going to try to remember to set all my non-LJ cut links to open in a new tab. You're welcome. ^_^

Edit: 4:18 PM... And we're now at 31,610 and I'm out of that scene that was giving me trouble. I'm not sure that I like how I got out of it, but at least I'm out of it. :-P Moving on, hopefully, to a scene that I will like better... after shower and dinner. Damn it.
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Man, oh man, did that scene I wrote on Sunday drain me. O_O Couldn't write a damned word all day yesterday and most of today. Then all of a sudden, I got pissed off at my professor's idiocy and *Bam!* ...1363 words done. O_O Now if only I didn't have to go to class... *whimper* Wanna stay home and write... Stupid class. :(

NaNo Day 2

Nov. 2nd, 2010 11:33 pm
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Hmm... So, we got out of class early today and I had every intention of sitting down after dinner and banging out the next scene to this thing. Yeah... no. I started writing, then realized that I was having trouble keeping my eyes open. So, I watched Monday's episode of Hawaii 5-0, instead. And this week gave us this little gem:

Steve *talking on phone*: Do I wish you were here? Of course, I wish you were here.
Tour Guide: Who are you talking to? Your wife?
Steve: *deadpan* My partner.

XD OMG...Steve and Danno... so much love, so very married. ^_^

NaNoWriMo Day 2 (Today's ultra-pathetic word count):

9706 / 50000 words. 19% done!
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So... I'm not going to officially do NaNoWriMo because I:

a) have a major paper due in two weeks that I don't want to procrastinate on
b) Don't have anything new that I wish to start
c) Don't think I have 50,000 more words in the story that I have started that I do want to finish.

So, I'm going to do a mini-NaNo. ^_^ I have just under 10,000 words in a story that I'm pretty sure will be (at least) a 50,000 worder. So, I'm going to track my writing on that as if I were doing NaNo, but I'm not doing it officially because this would be cheating. ^_^ However, if I hit 60,000 on it (a possibility at the rate I'm going O_O), I will be pleased as punch. ^_^ If it looks like it's going that way, I will shift the counter accordingly. Maybe next year I'll do this for real. ^_^

A day late, but hopefully not a dollar short (like my voter registration... *scowls*):

NaNoWriMo Day 1 (word count that would have been yesterday's ^_^):

9337 / 50000 words. 19% done!
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Going to NJ tomorrow for a weekend of awesome with [livejournal.com profile] msorange21. *squee!* Not one Rocky showing, but two! I am so damned excited. ^_^ And then GAVIN CONCERT ON MONDAY!!!


And in celebration, and because I did manage to be "productive" today, I give you a word count. ^_^

Sequel to The Algea:
Total: 5,961 7,611 8,021 9,290
Since last word count: 2,114 3,764 4,174 5,443

Edit (8:19 PM) -- Oooo... And I think I finally found a name for this one. *beams* Awesome. :D

(...9:13 PM count update. O_O And not done... Apparently, I am a writing fiend today. ^_^ Inspiration... I have missed you! Thank you, Hair tour! :D)

10:43 PM count update. And I have been letting myself get totally distracted with phone calls and comment answers -- a clear sign that I'm getting tired. O_O Which is bad because I really want to finish this scene! *pout* One other thing that came out of my flurry of comments in response to this entry... I tallied up my total word count of completed stories I've written for Hair. The total? 200,546 words. I have written 200,546 words of Hair fic. O_O That's... that's a lot of words. I'm going away now. O_O;;;

((11:57 PM count update. Duuuuude, I'm tired. O_O And I have to get up at 6 AM tomorrow to pack my (hopefully) dry clothes and drive to New Jersey. Fortunately, I did manage to get to the end of the scene. Hopefully the last 1500 words or so won't be total crap when I reread them in the morning. *yawns* 'Night all!))

I'm tempted to tackle this as a NaNo project... but I've never done NaNo before and I have papers and stuff to do this month. O_O And if I already have almost 6,000 10,000 words written, I think that would be cheating. :-P Eh, we'll see. ^_^

*snugs* Off to write some more!
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O_O 4,393 words on a new Hair story. It fits into the WDIG?-verse in the Fall right after "Hair: Redux." And it's a Crissy story. O_O I don't know. It feels like a one-shot... with potential. I think this is going to lead somewhere good, possibly into the next in that set. Which is interesting, because I didn't think there was going to be a next in that set. *chuckles*

Have my sister's b-day party/sleepover to go to tonight -- for which I really need to leave. Like... twenty minutes ago. O_O Hopefully I'll finish it before I go to bed. I haven't had a Hair story spew out of me this quickly or intensely since I wrote "Where Do I Go?" I'm feeling an almost physical pain at having to leave it temporarily unfinished. O_O Uncool.

Well, hopefully soon. ^_^ Yay for inspiration!
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3,847 total on the sequel to the Algea and that's only the first scene. O_O

Oh, and 2,309 words on an Alice 2009 fic for my dear [livejournal.com profile] msorange21 -- no, I haven't forgotten about it, I just got distracted by Hair fic. O_o;;; I'd have finished it sooner, but it seems to want to turn into something much longer than I really wanted it to be and I keep trying to convince it that it doesn't want to go that way. I'm not having much luck. O_o;;;

And in Sim news, Jeanie and Cloud are now settled into their house. Jeanie is working in the music industry (currently as a piano tuner ^_^) and Cloud is in HS, lamenting the absence of Zack. The first one over to greet them in their new house? Berger. XD And after one busy afternoon of visiting, Jeanie has already stolen Crissy away from Woof. O_O Oops. I can never make up my mind on the three of them. Good thing they made up their own. ^_^ *coughs* So, in a scrabbling effort to find an unattached female to hook up with Woof so Elaine can get born, I made Berger's parents and little sister. She's younger than the Tribe, but really it's only a 6 year gap between her and Woof, so what's the big deal, right? O_o Hey, I'm reaching for game purposes. I never said it went that way in the WDIG?-verse. Get off me. ^_~

I really need to post some pictures of this. ^_^

'Night all!
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Finally got around to typing up what I'd written for the sequel to The Algea. 1,674 words so far... and we're barely through the first scene. Finally gettin' my writing groove back! And it's about damned time, too. :-P These last couple of months have been massively of the suck as far as writing goes. *sigh* I'll keep working on it. ^_^

In other random news... I have moved Jeanie and Cloud into their house in Simville. ^_^ And cheated to make it all pretty. I was all excited to start playing with them... but then I realized that I was too tired and I'd rather spend what little energy I had typing up the afore mentioned fic.


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4:24 PM -- 3,552 words into Part 2 of My Conviction. It's about damned time you started talking to me, Hubert!

But no. I'm not making Margaret and Hubert sims. I have too many already.


Edit, 10:00 PM -- 6,704 words... and I think we're done! ^_^ Going to take a break, then do a read-through and edit and I think post this sucker. ^_^ And man, oh man, did this thing turn sappy quickly. O_O I think everyone was horny after watching me play the Sims game last night. ^_^
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3322 words and counting. Long breaks between classes are good for writing. ^_^ And, gosh, this scene is fun. Though why the hell Claude is still angsting all over the place, I don't know. *sigh* Could you just give it a rest for once?

Claude: No.

R-chan: *twitch* Oooooo-kay. Just thought I'd ask. O_O;;;

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